Learning Languages

Learning Languages is established in 2020 by Helle Munch-Hansen.

The vision of Learning Languages is to help a broad group of pupils, students and private people needing supportive lessons get a better understanding of languages.

The vision is to give supplementary lessons so that you will become more familiar with the language and become more confident as well as with analyses and interpretations of texts or with the written language. It is important to the teacher that confidence is being established between you and the teacher. It opens up for better lessons and thereby you will get the most out of it.

Helle Munch-Hansen has a university degree in French and English and she teaches at all levels of upper secondary school. She has been an English and a French teacher in upper secondary school for 22 years.

In addition, Helle Munch-Hansen has working experiences from lower secondary school, teaching pupils in 7th-9th grades Danish and English. Along with her teaching career Helle Munch-Hansen has also been a teacher for students with special needs.

At Learning Languages we focus on each individualĀ“s needs. With her broad knowledge of the Danish, English and French languages and also with the different levels of the Danish educational system and due to her experiences from teaching all kinds of young people, Helle Munch-Hansen knows how to reach out to most people and make the best out of the lessons.

At Learning Languages we focus on good service and dedicated teaching within a safe environment.