Learning Languages is a new company that offers language lessons of high quality.

Our offers

  • Danish lessons, including analysis/interpretation and exercises
  • English lessons, including analysis/interpretation and exercises
  • French lessons, including analysis/interpretation and exercises
  • Grammar and translations
  • Preparation for exams

Feel free to contact us either through phone or our contact form

Teaching methods

  • One-on-one lessons
  • Pairs
  • Online lessons

The first meeting

Learning Languages wishes to give everybody a good experience from day one. You and your teacher will have a one-time meeting face to face and you are only obligated to pay for that one lesson (naturally, if you choose the online solution, this meeting can be held online). Throughout this meeting you will talk about your needs and wishes and hereafter, the level of the forward lessons will be laid down. At the end of this meeting we will offer you a quotation for the future lessons, if desired. Throughout the lessons it is possible to use the same material/subjects that you are working on in school, for instance.

Online lessons

As we are aware of everybody being rather busy during the weekdays, we also offer online lessons. Online lessons is a good alternative if it is not possible to meet physically. Read more about online lessons performed by Learning Languages at the FAQ.