Frequently Asked Questions

First of all Learning Languages wants to address private people under education, including children in lower secondary school and upper secondary school. Meanwhile, if you are not under education but would still like to learn a language, then you are more than welcome to send us a non-committal message through our application form below

At Learning Languages we are professional and have much expert knowledge within the teaching field since the lessons are held by Helle Munch-Hansen (CEO), who has 22 years of teaching experience (teaching English and French) from upper secondary school.

Additionally, Learning Languages offers you the benefit that the lessons can be given at either your address or at that of Learning Languages, north of Aarhus.

If you want the lessons to be held at your address, there will be an extra fee of mileage allowance (five DKK per km).

Moreover, Learning Languages is very flexible regarding what time of the day the lessons should be given. For instance, lessons during the weekend is also an option.

We will have a one-time meeting (60 minutes). This is where we will talk about your needs and wishes and we will discuss the amount of lessons to be recommended. Subsequently, you will get a quotation for the lessons.

At Learning Languages you can always buy additional lessons after the end of a course.

At Learning Languages the lessons are tailored to the needs of each individual. In that way, we can ensure that you get the very best offer. Because of this we cannot give you a quotation until after the first meeting.

By choosing online lessons you can stay at home while being taught. We always recommend physical meetings. However, we realise there may be cases, though, when it is not possible and in those cases online lessons is a good alternative.

With online lessons it is entirely possible to take all the lessons, however the results may be slightly restricted when compared to the physical meetings.